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Machine park

With modern machinery, software and original technological solutions, we can provide a full service from product development to all through the toolmaking process, and the sampling of the final product.

Every toolmaking process starts with the 3D design of the tool. Taking into account customer requirements and our own technology, a team of experienced professionals develops the most suitable solution for optimum tool performance. We have a powerful range of machines that can respond to varied customer needs at any time.

Machine park

CNC milling machines

  • Hermle C 1200 (3-axis 1200x900x600 max. weight 1800 kg)
  • Hartford VM 1200 (3-axis 1300x550x500 max. weight 1600 kg)
  • Hartford MVP-16 (3-axis 1750x820x600 max. weight 2000kg)
  • Exeron HSC (3-axis 370x270x200 max. weight 500 kg)
  • DMG 200p (5-axis 1800x2000x1200 max. weight 6000 kg)
  • DMG DMU 105 (5-axis 1050x1050x750 max. weight 1500 kg)
  • OKK VG 5000 (5-axis 700x900x600 max. weight 600 kg)
  • DMG DMU 60 (5-axis 620x560x500 max. weight 400 kg)
  • DMG DMU 50 (5-axis 500x480x400 max. weight 300 kg)
  • DMG DMU 60 (4-axis 620x560x500 max. weight 400 kg)
CNC milling machines

Die-sinking EDM:

  • Mitsubishi EV28 (650x550x350 max. weight 2000 kg)
  • Mitsubishi EV12 (400x300x300 max. weight 1500 kg)
  • Exeron EDM 313 (800x600x300 max. weight 1500 kg)
  • Oscar max S1510 (1500x1000x1000 max. weight 3500 kg)

Wire EDM:

  • Mitsubishi MV 1200s (400x300x220 max. weight 500 kg)
  • Mitsubishi MV 2400s (600x400x300 max. weight 1500 kg)
  • Mitsubishi MV 4800s (800x600x510 max. weight 3000 kg)

Die-sinking EDM:

Other machines:

  • Ixion - Deep drilling
  • Drilling EDM
  • Flat-surface grinding
  • Lathe

Tool tryout:

  • Battenfeld 6500 kN
  • Demag 2100 kN
  • Krauss Maffei 1500 kN
  • Demag 350 kN

Measuring facility:

  • Mitutoyo 3D coordinate measuring machine
Other machines:
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